Toy Boxes and Chests

Toy boxes and chests come in all shapes and sizes and are made in all kinds of materials these days, which means everyone can choose one which suits their taste and their budget.

Placeholder image For some, nothing can beat the traditional wooden toy box. Made from wood and with a natural finish, this kind of box will look good in any room, whether it is a children's bedroom or playroom, or in another room in the house. The plain finish on this style of toy box gives a classic, discreet appearance, especially if it is being put in a lounge or other family room. Wooden boxes can also be painted, either in a plain colour or something more vibrant and either kind of finish can be personalised with stickers and motifs if desired. Being wooden, these boxes and chests withstand all kinds of use, including being used as a seat or to stand on.

Many come with cushioned tops designed specifically for use as a seat as well as for storage and adding a seat to limited space can be a bonus. An alternative to the wooden box and one which also has all the strength and sturdiness of a wooden box, is one made out of MDF. This durable wood substitute looks great when painted and the colours chosen can match those of the other furniture in the child's room. Both MDF and wooden boxes can be purchased as flat pack items and assembly of them is easy whether this requires tools or not. Some simply slot together, the pieces interlocking and creating an attractive box with more features than a more traditional style box. Not everyone wants a classic appearance and as the box is for toys, some like them to be colourful and decorative, reflecting the nature of their use.

Placeholder imageShops sell great chests with lovely cheerful pictures for younger children, beautiful girlie designs or fabulous boy favourites such as dinosaurs and pirates. Plastic boxes are generally colourful, easy to keep clean and come in a greater variety of shapes. They offer a bright, practical solution to storage and are often a novelty. Some of these toy chests and boxes come on castors, making it easy to move them around from place to place. Plastic ones tend to be lighter, making them perhaps a better choice for those who wish to move the box around on a regular basis. All children have their favourite characters from story books, television and films and these days, there are lots of toy boxes available with these characters on them. From Peppa Pig to Disney's princesses to the Toy Story characters, there is a favourite for everyone to choose from.

The cost of all these boxes varies, with plastic ones tending to be the cheaper option, leading up to bespoke chests made to measure and to specific dimensions or designs. Those who want something individual but who do not wish to spend too much money can buy stickers to put on in order to individualise their toy box.