Paddling Pools

We know summer has arrived when the paddling pools start to emerge in gardens - all be it for just a couple of days to start with. Some families will have one stored away, that has been cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry before deflating and rolled up tightly and put away in the garage or shed for the winter - these will be easy to unravel, and look as good as new when filled with water. Others, like myself, will find a crumpled, blackened plastic mess at the back of the garage, which means a trip to the local tip and buying a new one for the kids. Thankfully, you can buy a small paddling or splash pool for under £20, or a family sized for under £50.

Blue and white self inflating garden pool - 8ft Fast Set Pool

8ft Fast Set Pool

Sefl inflating garden pool.

Robust, family garden pool which is so easy to inflate and deflate when the summer is over.

Simply unpack the pool, ensure it's laid on a flat surface,  inflate the the top ring and then start filling the pool with the hose entry point and watch as it fills and rises.

To empty the pool either use the drain valve to slowly release the water or attach the hose and empty straight into the drain

The package includes a repair patch and 2 year warranty.

  • size - 8ft x 26" deep (2.44 x 0.66 cm)
  • material - Tri-tech
  • capacity - 2,100 litres
  • age -6+ years

Kids paddling pool with 3, inflatable rings and patterned with an under sea scene.

Bestway Deep Dive Paddling Pool

Fun, inflatable 3 ring paddling pool - aprroximately 6ft wide.

Strong vinyl paddling pool to keep the kids cool during the (hopefully) long hot summer.

The attractive under water scene includes curious crabs, shoals of red and blue fish, turtles and whales, swimming among seaweed and corals. Once inflated the pool could also be used indoors as a ball pool.

  • size 30 x 152 cm
  • material - plastic vinyl
  • suitable from 3 years
  • self assembly required

Blue and white rectangular garden pool. Blue base and white top.

Summer Waves Family Pool

Sturdy and attractive family garden pool.

The robust double rings create an extra sturdy paddling pool for all the family.

Each ring has it's own valve, so easy to blow up and a free-flow outlet for easy emptying.

  • size -43.82 x 40.01 x 38.74 cm
  • PVC
  • age 3+ years.

Green three ring paddling pool with kid-safe slime powder.

Kids Pool With Slime Powder

No doubt that kids will love this - a paddling pool full of slime - yuk!

Green vinyl paddling pool, made from strong vinyl and with a three ring construction PLUS 500 gm of child safe slime powder.

Bestway (makers of excellent garden pools) have joined with Slime Baff to create the ultimate cooling off play for kids on a hot summer's day. The slime is stain free, non irritant and environmently safe - so no problem with emptying into the garden as it is 100% degradable - and the kids will love it.

  • size 1.52 m x 30 cm
  • material - plastic
  • includes 500 gm of slime powder
  • capacity - 74 gallons/282 litres

White splash pool for toddlers with a Unicorn head and gold suns shade.

Unicorn Splash Pool

Attractive Unicorn themed splash pool with canopy.

Your little one will love this attractive splash pool. The delightful unicorn head with golden horn and rainbow coloured mane and tail will provide tons of splashing fun in the garden this summer. The gold coloured canopy will provide safe shade from the sun.

When the sun stops shining the unicorn can be used indoors as a ball pool or simply a tent.

  • size - 100 x 115 cm
  • material - non-toxic, Pthalate free PVC
  • capacity - 8 gallons
  • from 12 months

Blue and White, Bestway  rectangular garden pool.

Bestway Rectangular Family Pool

One of Amazon's best sellers in a choice of 6ft, 8ft or 10ft garden paddling pool.

If you want a pool for all the family to enjoy, then this Bestway rectangular pool certainly fits the bill.

An attractive blue and white design, made from strong vinyl and with three, extra wide inflatable rings to withstand robust play.

  • includes repair patch
  • integrated drain valve for ease of emptying
  • 6ft pool - 150 x 51 cm. Capacity - 119 gallons
  • 8ft pool - 1.75m x 51 cm. Capacity - 201 gallons
  • 10ft pool - 3.05m x1.83 m. Capacity - 307 gallons

Small, rigid paddling pool for kids, with undersea scene on the pool sides.

Fill-N-Fun Paddling Pools

A choice of 4 sizes in this rigid side paddling pool - 4, 5, 6 or 8ft wide.

From Bestway a choice of 4 sizes all with fun and colourful side walls, with either an ocean scene - plenty of fish, crabs, sea horses and bubbles, or a happy dinosaur theme.

All the pools have rigid PVC walls and an attached vinyl bottom. Fill with water and away you go.

  • 4ft pool - 1.22m  .25m - holds 277 litres
  • 5ft pool - 1.52 x .25m - holds 340 litres
  • 6ft pool - 1.83 x .38m - holds 749 litres
  • 8ft pool - 2.44 x .46m - holds 1612 litres

5ft Fast Set Pools in a choice of blue, orange or green

My First Fast Set Pool

Only 5ft wide so ideal for the younger water babe and in a choice of colours as well.

From Bestway a small 5ft wide fast set pool for younger kids. Simply inflate the top ring and fill with water. Robust construction with heavy duty PVC with 3 ply walls.

Ensure it's set up on flat ground and that children are always supervised.

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