Electric Ride Ons 

It is important to do your research before buying your child an electric car, bike or go kart, to ensure you get the right product for them. Look for the correct age range, make sure you are happy with the amount of power the vehicle has and check the maximum speeds that can be reached. For very young children, there are remote parental controls available on some cars. Decide whether you want a single or double seater car, a motorbike, quad bike or a go kart and then choose the style that you think is best for your child.

 Kids of all ages lovePlaceholder image electric cars and these exciting battery powered toys come in a whole range of sizes and varying power. Cars for toddlers come with remote parental controls, as safety is always paramount. The 6 volt batteries maintain a low speed while young children get the excitement of driving a car for the very first time. The electric car ranges up to large 2 man jeeps and replicas of American Hummers for older children.

 Cars aimed at 3 to 6 year olds start with 6v battery power and maximum speeds of 2.4km/hr, progressing to 6v and maximum speeds of 5km/hr. Moving up another gear is the 12v battery, 8km/hr cars, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Red 2 Seater Coupe, complete with smart paintwork and full sound effects. 

 DareWay is a children's ride on toy, designed in sleek silver with a 12v battery. This unique foot controlled ride on, spinning on its own axis, goes backwards and forwards with maximum speeds of up to 8km per hour. For older children there is the option of motorized hoverboards, a trend started by the introduction of the Segway in 1999. Today you can buy smaller, less powerful hoverboards which have 6.5″ wheel sizes or smaller which are lighter, making them easier for kids to carry and manoeuvre.

Placeholder image Children's battery powered motorbikes are available for toddlers and older children. The bikes have power ranges from 6v to 24v.

 For a more stable electric bike, try a kid's quad bike. These quad bikes come as unisex, girls and boys designs and some can be ridden by toddlers as young as 1+ year old. These gentle and stable, yet fun and exciting, electric bikes are fun for all young children. Go Karts can be battery operated or pedal powered, so there is something for every child. Available from toddler size to full adult size, go karts are fun, exhilarating and speedy, making them especially attractive to older children and teenagers.

 Child safety helmets are essential for any kind of motorized activity. They come in all sizes and designs, so it is easy to find a well fitted helmet for your child. It is highly recommended that these safety helmets are worn at all times when riding or driving an electric vehicle. The fun and colourful designs will appeal to your child, with fun and character helmets such as Spiderman, Ladybirds and Unicorn versions all available, as well as motorbike and skate helmets. 

 Your child should always be supervised by an adult when playing on their battery powered ride on and it is highly recommended that they wear a safety helmet too. The law prohibits the use of children's electric ride ons on public highways, roads and pavements. Ideal for playing in the back garden, the local park or on private property, these electric vehicles provide hours of entertainment for your little ones, as well as teaching them basic driving skills, balance, speed control and special awareness.