Dolls Houses

I remember so badly wanting a doll's house, a large wooden one which opened to three stories and all the little furniture,  when I was younger, but, alas, it wasn't' to be. So I doubly loved it when I could buy one for my daughter - a grand Barbie one, all  pink and shiny. When my granddaughters came along I still got a thrill when playing with them with their fancy-pants dolls house, with hidden rooms, working lifts and treasures. Today the choice is amazing from traditional wooden, with intricate wooden furniture, to high tech all glitz and glitter to suite little girls of all ages.

LOL Suprise Dolls House with Family. Pink, wooden, three storey with pull out pool and jacuzzi

LOL Surprise Dolls House

WOW - this must be the ultimate in toy abodes for those incredibly popular googly eyed LOL dolls.

Where to start? The house is made from wood and has a pull out patio with swimming pool, hot tub and sand pit. A working elevator is attached to the side, and all the furniture for the 5 rooms is included and there's tons of special sound effects and lights. Next to the dressing room, at the top of the house is a patio/heli pad, which is reached by the spiral staircase

The unit includes a ready made family, moving truck filled with boxes and boxed ready to move into their new home.

  • size - 3 ft x 3ft
  • material - wood
  • self asembly required
  • age -6+ years

Large wooden dolls house, double fronted. white window and door frames pink door and roof.

Leckford Doll's House

Large wooden dolls house which opens onto 2 floors and the roof lifts off  to reveal a large attic space.

At over 2ft high (68 cm), this is a very large dolls house, which is made from wood with the natural grain on show. The porticoed door frame and Georgian window frames are painted white, whilst the roof and door are a pale pink.

The unit opens wide at the front and the back, to show 2 staircases which divide the upper and lower floor into two spaces and the roof lifts off to reveal a large attic.  Your child can now show off their interior design talents creating the perfect home for their dolls.

  • size 68 x 60 x 35 cm
  • material - wood
  • suitable from 3 years
  • self assembly required

Wooden Toy Farm with pig sty, chicken coup, barn, beehive, stables and hay loft. Also available wooden animals, red tractor and little doll family

Willow Toy Farm

A stunning toy farm, with tons of play, on a sturdy platform with removable roofs and fully painted, durable wood.

This is such a delight and will keep your little aspiring farmer very busy. They've got the pig sty to clean out, the chickens to feed, honey to collect from the bee-hive, hay to gather and store in the hay loft, ensure the cows are clean in the barn and the pond is suitable for the ducks.

Marvellous colourful  play set with the little wooden animals, red tractor and family all available at GLTC

  • size - 26 X 80 X 42.5 cm
  • wood & MDF construction
  • self assembly required.
  • age 3+ years.

Large, pink and lilac three storey Barbie Dream House.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

8 rooms, 4ft x 4ft - home office, garage, pool, bbq pit, 70 accessories - and flushing toilet!

Stunning design from top to bottom. In Barbie's favourite colours pink, deep pink and lilac the attention to detail is awe inspiring. From the fitted kitchen, with cooking utensils, dining area and garage on the first floor. Through to the sitting room (with sofa bed), flushing toilet and pool on the middle floor and finally onto the bedroom with wardrobe and dressing table. Barbie can access the bedroom via the side lift and escape down the chute to the pool

Use batteries to add the sound effects in the kitchen and turn Barbie's doll's house round for the bbq and fire pit.

  • size 120 x 125 x 21.5 cm
  • material - plastic
  • includes 70 accessories
  • ages 3 years plus

Pink, wooden princess castle from Kidcraft. Includes 4 dolls and 14 accessories

Girl's Princess Castle

Large wooden toy castle, pretty in pink and lilac for your little warrior princess.

Large wooden play castle with turretts, balconies and battlements with a wood grain effect and highlighted with pink 'stone' work, hearts and floral etchings. The turretts are lilac with a heart design.

The castle opens up to reveal the main hall, bathroom and stables on the ground floor. Above this there's a pretty pink bedroom and a throne room, and at the very top the look out towers.

The unit includes the king, queen, prince and princess and another 10 play pieces which include horses, thrones and furniture.

  • size - 45.7 x 44.4 x 54 cm
  • material - composite wood
  • self assembly

Large red and white fire station with fire engine, fire fighter.

Boy's Fire Station

NeeNaw NeeNaw NeeNaw - how much fun will little boys have with their very own fire station play house.

Two storey, red and white, fire station with pole and fire doors. The large grey roof tiles house a fire alarm bell with a heli pad on which to launch the helicopter.  This play set comes with a fire fighter, in full uniform, the obligatory dalmation dog, hydrant, flame and console.

There's room inside for the big fire engine with extending ladder, and automatic doors for when the alarm sounds - all great fun for little boys - and girls.

  • size -60 x 30 x 47.8 cm
  • material - not stated
  • includes - fire station, helicopter, fire engine, fire fighter, dog, hydrant, flame and console.
  • self assembly

Excalibur, Wooden Fort. Grey and blue, painted castle with turrets, battlements and drawbridge.

Excalibur Knight's Castle

Large, grey and blue wooden castle to encourage your little boy's imagination.

From Le Toy Van, creators of brilliant wooden toys since 1995 - all with that bit of french flair (although they are made in Surrey).

The Excalibur, Knight's Castle is made from rubberwood and painted with extensive detail, in grey and blue, and fixed to a base board to ensure stability from the rough and tumble of little boys.

The unit includes a working drawbridge,  a pulley and winch, a break away wall and a prisoner's cell. The upper part of the castle has battlements and turrets - just add knights, dragons and prisoners for tons and tons of fun.

  • size  51.7 x 30.7 x 15.8  cm
  • material - rubberwood, MDF and non-toxic paint
  • self assembly