Ideas for Decorating Children's Bedrooms 

Children's bedrooms are a place full of magic and mystery.

They are where their imaginations soar and where new and exciting adventures are played out. So having the perfect bedroom to compliment their amazing personality is essential. The easiest and most cost effective way to decorate a child's bedroom is to accessorise it with a theme.

Placeholder image For a new born baby girl, it could be placing a pretty pink border around the walls, or using Winnie the pooh stickers on the wardrobes or door. For a little boy, it could be cars painted on the walls or a running theme of balloons around the room. Co-ordinating, mixing and matching different objects in the room can make a stunning display that when they are old enough, they can play with and enjoy.

Then, as they get older and their choice of cartoon character changes from Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol to Marvel Heroes or Minecraft, so can their rooms, without the great expense of having to change the furniture. With just a little bit more of their wonderful imagination, the rooms can be transformed into a respectable den for young boys and a princess haven for little girls.

Choosing bedding that depicts their favourite character at the time is a great way to introduce colour and invoke a theme throughout the room. Allowing the child to choose the character and the items that they wish to have in their room makes them feel part of the redecoration process and feel that they are making it their room.

Using some of their toys as a focal piece in the room is a great way to introduce them into keeping their rooms tidy. If the toy is out of place, it will make the room look different, so encouraging them to put things back once they have used them will help in the long term. It doesn't have to be a character that dominated the theme of the room, it could be a colour or a sports team.

Most girls love the colour pink, so to allow them to accessorise using different shades of pink will help them to understand colour and how it works together.  Building the room around a football team, for instance, could mean hanging posters on the wall of your favourite team, or photographs of famous players.

It is important that the children understand that they can not have everything that they desire in their bedroom, so it might be a good idea to set a budget and let them know how much it will cost for each item that they would like. This way they are learning to take responsibility for what goes into the room and how much it all costs. This is great for the older children, as it will help them to understand the price of material things. The most important thing about redecorating your children's bedroom is that there is lots of fun had whilst it is being planned and in the decoration stage and when it is all finished, everyone can sit back and admire the work, knowing that they were instrumental in its design and completion.