Children's Wall Clocks & Alarm Clocks

It's extremely helpful to have a clock in your child's bedroom, especially when they're very young. Kids sometimes wake up at the crack of dawn and think nothing of waking their parents, or siblings, to play with or get them their breakfast. If they have a clock, you can show them where the hands have to be before they can come and get your, or invest in one of the many clocks that show images of night time and day time. Getting them used to this will help when it comes to the tricky business of learning how to tell the time, again, there are plenty of wall clock which help with this.

Round Spiderman wall clock, with wide red surround. Spiderman and some of his foes on the clock face.

Spiderman Wall Clock

Spiderman in full action on this round, wall clock. Battery operated.

Spiderman runs rings the other Marvel super heroes in the popularity stakes. Spidey has 22% of the vote with Iron Man next, with only 9%. Which is probably why the Spiderman range of bedding and bedroom accessories have always been among the top sellers - especially when a new film comes out.

This clock shows our iconic hero in full action with his signature pose, and surrounded by some of the villains he has conquered.

  • size - 24 cm diameter
  • plastic case and front
  • requires 1 AA battery - not supplied
  • 60 days returns police
  • next day delivery available

Minnie Mouse Wall Clocks. 2 red clocks and a lime green, all with images of Disney's Minnie

Minnie Mouse Clocks

For all fans of Disney's Minnie Mouse, there's a choice of 3 wall clocks - pink, red or green.

All clocks require a 1AA battery and have plastic casing - no glass to worry about. There's a red 'Handbag' clock with a dark blue surround, a pink Miss Minnie with our favourite female mouse looking a tad bewildered or a very funky, lime green from the OH MY! range.

Children's Rooms Ltd has an extensive range of official Disney bedding sets and accessories, you will find all their favourites here.

  • size -25 cm diameter
  • battery operated - 1AA battery required
  • 60 day return policy
  • next day delivery available

Nursery clock which indicates to the child when it is time to get up by the changing picture on the clock face.

Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

Once your little one has mastered this clock - no more early morning wake ups - hopefully.

This is a very clever little clock which lets your little boy or girl know exactly when it's time to get up and wake mummy and daddy.
When it's sleepy time the clock face is blue with a happy, smiley face star, surrounded by 12 little stars, as it approaches morning time the little stars disappear, and the clock face changes to pink and then during the day time it's a smiley sun face. Easy to learn and includes a book which encourages little ones to stay in bed longer.

  • mains operated
  • from 2 years

Girl's, pink, traditional alarm clock with a white unicorn on the clock face.

Girl's Rainbow Unicorn Alarm Clock

Pretty pink alarm clock - no excuse for your little girl to be late up now.

A traditional alarm clock with a clanger and two bells - all pretty in a very pale pink. The clock face is particularly attractive with a ping and pale blue background to fluffy white clouds and a smiling, serene unicorn. The main and tail of this flying, mystical creature are multicoloured, rainbow hues.

  • size medium  - 12.1 x 17.4 x 5.8 cm
  • material - High Impact Polystyrene  plastic body
  • matching products available

Blue and grey Tell The Time Wall Clock.

Kids Tell the Time Wall Clock

Hang this in your kids bedroom and they'll be telling the time in no time at all.

Teaching your children how to tell the time is a doddle with this wall clock from GLTC, and its colour scheme will lend itself to most bedroom decor.

The clock is divided into two vertically, with very plain numbering and showing when its 'to' something and 'past' something. As soon as they understand their numbers they'll quickly grasp the tricky science of time.

  • size - 32 cm diameter
  • material - MDF
  • battery operated - requires 1AA battery
  • exclusive to GLTC

Kids wall clock, with a white clock face and a design of 12 coloured pencils protruding round the clock.

Children's Pencil Wall Clock

A great looking clock for toddler bedroom to teenagers hang out.

I like this clock as it's suitable for a little one's room, but will not look out of place as they get older and want to change anything too 'babyish'.

The stark white face with black numbering is a fun contrast to the 12 colouring pencils which are protruding from the face in 5 minute intervals. The pencils are made from real wood, include rubber tips and are yellow, orange, red, green, blue and brown, making a great feature.

Wayfair has a nice selection of kids wall clocks for toddler's to teenagers with Space, Dinosaur, Jungle Animals, Butterfly and Flower themes.

  • size - 26 x 26 x 5 cm
  • wood pencils, plastic and metal clock
  • battery operated, requires 1 AA battery

black and white football themed alarm clock with bright coloured numbering on the white clock face

Football Alarm Clock

With its extra loud ring there will be no excuse for sleeping in.

Fun alarm clock in the shape and colour of a tradtional football. The black and white polygons case houses a very loud wake up ring, to ensure there's no staying in bed late. The clock gives off a soothing yellow night light and there's no ticking to keep little ones awak.

The white clock face has colourful numbers with strong reflective hands. There is a snooze function and the alarm gradually gets louder for heavy sleepers.

  • size  11 x 10.7 x 9.5 cm
  • battery operated