Buying Nursery Furniture

The very first bedroom your baby has is so special because it heralds the start of this new life, so you want to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible. It might be that your baby has slept in your room for the first few weeks or months of its life, but it is best to make sure the nursery is ready before your baby is born.

The colour scheme is of utmost importance. If you know the sex of the baby before it is born, that will make it easier to decide what colour or wallpaper to put on the walls, whether you choose the traditional blue or pink, or go for something completely different.

Not knowing whether you are having a boy or a girl should not matter, as there are many colours that will suit either – a warm orange, a bright yellow or even a pale lavender. Paler colours at this stage are an advantage as you can always paint over them in stronger colours once your baby is older.

Placeholder image Buying nursery furniture is an exciting time as well. Do you opt for just a basic cot and changing table or do you buy a full matching set, complete with baby wipe warmer and co-ordinating curtains? This question is normally restricted by budget and by how large the nursery is. Your baby will not mind if the changing table does not match the rocking chair, as long as he or she feels settled in the room and it is dark enough for sleeping. That is for your benefit as well!

When choosing what to put in the nursery, it is best to decide beforehand whether to buy furniture that will last into toddlerhood and beyond, such as a cot bed which can be used up until the child is five years old, or whether to buy for baby now and to know that a couple of years on you will have to replace items such as the cot to make it more suitable for a growing toddler.

Again, it often comes down to money. Forking out for a cot bed is going to be more expensive short term, but might save money in the long term as they can last many years. However, if you buy all the furniture when the baby is tiny, it might start looking rather tatty by the time your child is about to start school.

Large wall stickers, showing teddy bears flying kites A couple of nice extras you can consider are a mobile over the cot to give baby something to look at while lying in bed, or a sheet of plastic pockets filled with photos of family and friends. You can talk to your baby about the people and animals in the pictures, which might stop him or her wriggling quite so much while you are changing the nappy.

If you are painting the nursery, consider a printed border as well to brighten up the walls. There are many on the market from the ever popular Winnie-the-Pooh, to teddy bears and farm animals. Try not to make it too babyish, as you might have to decorate again after a couple of years.