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Updating Your Child's Bedroom

Kids grow up fast and with that their tastes can change rapidly. A big jump in a child's life is leaving the world of toddlerhood and starting school.


When kids reach four or five they discover a whole new world of friends, TV characters and interests. This can mean that their bedroom needs an update. Not only this but they are obviously getting taller which means moving out of their toddler bed, or converted cot bed, and into a standard single bed. Wardrobes and chests of drawers may need to be changed at this point as nursery furniture is often on a smaller scale and not big enough for the clothes of a larger child.


When looking to purchase a new bed for your child you really need to think about what will work for them and what works for the room itself. If space is scarce, then you might consider a high sleeper bed that can house a desk and storage space below. High sleeper beds come in a variety of materials starting with a basic metal or wooden frame, with space underneath to add other furniture and going all the way through to luxurious wooden models with integrated furniture. Remember children under six should not sleep in a raised bed.


Another item of furniture that may become necessary as your child becomes older, start school and are given homework, is a desk. Desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Choose from a classic wooden desk or something a little more elaborate with storage space for art materials, suited to budding artists.


As kids get older they also become more likely to have friends over and will wish to spend more time in their rooms socialising. A great solution for this is a basic bean bag which is inexpensive, then there are foam chairs that pull out to make a handy camp bed for friends to sleep over or inflatable chairs with cosy covers however you can also go for a more extravagant mini armchair.


If you spent a lot of time and money when you first decorated your child’s room then you may just want to tweak it as inexpensively and as quickly as possible. A great way to refresh a tired theme or wall is to buy wall stickers. There are many options of wall sticker themes from favourite TV and film characters to generic pirates and fairies. Choose a variety of wall stickers which state that they are easily removable so that you can take them down and replace them if your child’s tastes change without having to repaint the bedroom.


Kids change and grow but they always want to be in exciting and fun surroundings. Furniture may need to get bigger and themes will surely need updating but this can be done very cost-effectively if you have a budget to stick to. Choose the best quality childrens furniture you can afford as this will hopefully last until your child becomes a teenager.