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Children's and Toddler's character based nightlights

Childrens Rooms

One of the most popular forms of toddler night light is the simple plug style unit that fits in to a standard socket and gives off a gentle glow to reassure your child.

This form of light is easy to use, simply switch it off at the plug socket when your child goes to sleep and back on if they wake during the night. On the other hand if you have a child who wakes frequently and gets distressed this is an economical night light to leave on while it is dark.


Choosing a plug in night light that features one of your child's favourite characters from TV or film gives them a recognisable figure to help calm their fears.

Children's characters are familiar and friendly and will help you to convince your child that night time is a time for sleep and relaxing and nothing to be frightened of.

If your child is old enough to choose their own comfort light then this will give them even more confidence in it's abilities to keep them safe. 

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