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Kids Activities

Early Learning   Early Learning
The internet is a brilliant tool for introducing younger children to early learning fun sites - a great start to their education. We feature fun ways of learing abc's, counting, shapes and colours.


Free Colouring Pages   Free Colouring Pages

Tons of free printable coloring pages - ranging from their favourite characters to cartoons, space ships, holiday themes. We also feature lots of painting online - something toddlers and younger children love.


Nursery Rhymes & Songs   Nursery Rhymes & Songs

a huge collection of all the best nursery rhymes, children's poems and action songs - with instructions! We've also got a great section featuring the best in interactive online stories, or simply print out stories


Childrens Online Stories   Childrens Online Stories

You can't beat reading to your children from a well loved book, but there are some great stories online with some very colourful graphics


Boredom Busters   Boredom Busters

whether it's something to do on a rainy day or simply because they're bored - we've suggestions for for tons of things to do and make - offline as well as online.


Kids Outdoor Activities & Games   Kids Outdoor Activities & Games

It is so easy to let the kids veg out infront of the TV, or spend hours on their computers but there is just as much fun to had outdoors, and it's great for family bonding,


Childrens Hobbies & Interests   Childrens Hobbies & Interests

looking for something to interest them offline - a hobby or an interest. Take them swimming, to a pond, look for bugs and wildlife, make play putty - we've tons of suggestions and resources


Children's Free Fun Sites   Children's Free Fun Sites

Great colourful safe sites for kids of all ages with free games, entertainment and online activities.


Children's TV & Book Characters   Children's TV & Book Characters

A whole section devoted to perennial favourites - Noddy, Barbie etc and the latest lovable characters. Links to all their official websites.


Kids TV   Kids TV

Kids tv plays a huge part in children's lives and if used correctly can have a positive effect on them. We list the best official sites for all the TV channels and our children's favourite shows.


Kids Family Movies   Kids Family Movies

a great way to spend family time together - see a family film. We've listed all the major cinema chains and also have a continuing list of all the latest movies with a synopsis and links to the films official website.