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Creating A Toddler's Bedroom

When you first have a baby you cannot imagine them walking, talking or singing but it does not take long for them to grow and change. In the blink of an eye they develop from a tiny newborn to a toddler tearing around the place, in and out of rooms at the speed of light.


At this point their nursery needs to be tweaked into a proper bedroom with the cot mobile being replaced by more appropriate toys, the changing table turned into a chest of drawers and a rocking chair, where you spent countless nights singing your little one to sleep, transformed into a spaceship or fire engine or fairy castle, or whatever else your joint imaginations can come up with.


Once your toddler has out grown their cot a junior bed makes the ideal transition between the security of their familiar surroundings and the wide open space of a single bed. If you bought a cot bed then this is the time to remove the sides and convert it in to its toddler bed mode. You may be able to buy safety rails or your bed may have come with them already included. They are a good idea to help your little one get settle after being kept enclosed by their cot sides and also prevent them falling out if they move around while sleeping.


The great thing with smaller beds is that your toddler will not feel as overwhelmed as they would moving from the security of their familiar cot straight in to a standard sized single bed. It is also worth noting that at this stage of their lives they are too small to be able to cope with raised beds, for example cabin or bunk beds. Be aware it is not recommended for any child under the age of six to sleep on a top bunk.


Even though toddlers seem so much older than babies they still need their room to be safe in fact even more so as they are moving around so much. Make sure sockets are covered, to avoid electrocution, and ensure that there are no trailing wires from lamps or baby monitors which an inquisitive child might wrap around their neck.


If you need to update the bedroom and make it less babyish a fun way to do that is to theme the room. If your child has a favourite television or film character, for example Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Disney Cars or Hello Kitty, there is a wealth of merchandise available to coordinate your toddler’s bedroom including duvet cover sets, curtains and accessories such as lamp shades, rugs and wall stickers. If you prefer a more generic theme why not opt for pirates, fire engines, fairies or butterflies.


A simple and cheap option is to use reusable stickers on furniture and walls. These come in all sorts of themes and colours to suit your needs and your toddler can even help with the decorating as there is no mess involved. Once the toddler has grown out of that particular theme the stickers can easily be removed and replaced with something else without having to repaint the room if your budget or time do not stretch that far.


A little chair and table, just the right size for your toddler, is a great idea if there is space. When you are doing bits of housework upstairs they sit in their own room colouring or drawing at their table and you can get on with your task while popping your head round the door to keep an eye on their creations. A table with an easily wipeable top is the best bet – you never know when those crayons are going to shoot over the side of the paper!


A bean bag they can flop onto is great, plus a toy box and shelves for books are useful but try, if you can, not to clutter the bedroom it should be a comfy and relaxing space yet safe environment for your child to enjoy.