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Single Bedding

Children's single duvet covers include one standards sized pillowcase, and we have a selection of 100% cotton, 100% polyesters (microfibre) and a mix of polyester and cotton, polycotton.
There are two types of duvet cover pattern - panel and rotary. The rotary prints, which are usually cheaper, are cut from a continuous roll of cloth and the pattern is usually repeated, whereas panel duvets are individually cut and consist of one design.

Kid’s single bedding is our bestselling range of children’s bedding, a single bed is the most common size of bed with our customer base, and this size of bed is ideal for kids from a young age right through to their teenage years.

To ensure that you and your child have the best possible range of single bedding to choose from, our purchasing team have worked hard to select the highest quality boys & girls single bedding in a wide variety of themes, styles and materials.

To this end, customers have the choice of either 100% cotton, 100% polyesters (microfiber) or polycotton, a mix of the two. Our customers also have access to a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from, we have Dinosaur single bedding, Animal and Football single bedding for example,  as well as a range of more neutral bedding in in various shades of blue and pink.

As always, our range of bedding is perfectly matched to our wider range of bedroom furniture and accessories, allowing you too quickly and easily theme and coordinate your child’s bedroom, at a very low price point.

If you have any questions about which bedding is right for you and your child, just get in touch and we will be happy to assist.